Dr. M. Srivastava

Regn. of: Regn. No. Date Name of Council
Designation Professor & Head of the Department/Nodal Officer MBBS 24670 25-8-1980 UP medical Council, Lucknow
Qualifications MD (Anaesthesia) MD/MS 24670 31-3-2004 UP medical Council, Lucknow
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Name Dr. Vibhu Sahani Particulars of Registration with Medical/Dental/Pharmacy Council    
Designation Associate Professor/Sub Nodal Officer Regn. of: Regn. No. Date Name of Council
Qualifications M.Pharm. (Pharmaceutics), Ph.D. B.Pharm 25640   U.P. Pharmacy Council
Address R-26, Medical College, Meerut.        
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The Department of Telemedicine & Biomedical Informatics has been established by the Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS), Lucknow with the financial support of the Government of Uttar Pradesh and the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communication & IT, Government of India with the objective of creating human resources in various fields of Healthcare Information Technology e.g. Telemedicine, Hospital Information Management System, Public Health Informatics, Nursing Informatics, Digital Medical Library, Medical Multimedia & Animation, Bioinformatics, Medical Imaging Informatics, Cancer Informatics, Artificial Intelligence & Clinical Decision support system in Medicine, e-learning in Medicine, Surgical Informatics, Virtual Reality & Medical Simulation etc. This is the department which kind dedicated exclusively to the emerging arena of health care informatics in a public funded academic medical institutional setup.

Telemedicine Scope :
1-- Tele Education 
2-- Tele CME (Continuing Medical Education)
3—Tele Health care Facility
4-- Tele Consultation Facility
5-- Digital medical library with 20 workstation for accessing medical Content by Student and Medical members.
6-- Lecture Theater –:  For providing online classes for medical student.
 CME of Telemedicine :

8 March
16 April 27, 2011
19 April

We also use the best techonolgy high defination video confrencing kit , which support multi confrencing (MCU) up to four centers at a time. for the purpose of online .

1. Communication Media:

i. 2 MBPS wireless leased Lines
ii. Broadband Connection
iii. Internet IP

2. Video Confrencing Media Technology :

i. Polycom

3. IPVC Network setup :

i. Cisco routers
ii. Cisco firewall
iii. DLink Jack Panel
iv.  Starbeck Online Video Archiving
v. IBMx3400 Technology Data Server