Heart Patient Guide

Preparation for Surgery

(i) Prepare yourself :The average hospital stay is about a week. After discharge, patients is advised to stay for one more week in Delhi. If everything is normal, patient can go home and can resume his/her work responsibility in 4 to 6 weeks. Prepare yourself for this period and plan accordingly.

(ii) Emotional Preparation :Anxiety is a natural happening. Discuss your concern with your treating doctors. Discuss in the presence of your spouse/children or a responsible family member. Establish direct communication with your treating doctor, as this is very important. If you have a family member or friend who had undergone similar operation, talk to him/her.

(iii) Blood Donation:For open heart surgery, patient requires 4 to 6 units of blood. Arrange 4 to 6 healthy relatives / friends to donate blood. Donors may be of any blood group and should be between 18 to 55 years of age. Blood donation is absolutely harmless and person can go to work immediately after blood donation.

Do not bring professional donors who sell their blood for money, as their blood is of inferior quality and may transmit a number of diseases. Blood can be donated between 9.30 am and 4.00pm at CNC blood bank. The donor must come after a good breakfast. In case of any problem, please contact the Medical Social Worker or Officer-in-charge of the blood bank.

(iv) Money deposit: Deposit the required money in the form of a bank draft (in the name of AIIMS CT Patient A/c) directly at the prescribed counter. Do not deposit cash and do not give money to an unknown person. At the time of money deposition, write the name and address of the person where any remaining amount of money can be sent. Ensure that you have received a proper receipt of money deposition.

(v) Stop smoking and chewing tobacco immediately:This is one of the most important measures in preparation of surgery.

(vi) Drugs:Stop Disprin/Ecsoprin/Aspirin/Persantin/Ticlopidine/Ticlop/Acetrome/Coumadin or similar drug at-least for 7 days before admission.

Take Tab. Fersolate, 1 tablet daily after meals.

Stop Steroids

Discuss your doctor for drugs which are to be continued before surgery.

(vii) Make sure that you do not have any infection in ear, nose, throat, lungs and in other parts of body. If there is any skin disease / rashes, inform the doctor.

(viii) In case of female patients, if expected dates of menstrual period are coinciding with date of admission, inform the doctor.

(ix) Breathing Exercise : After open heart surgery, lung are vulnerable for infection and other problems. Hence preparation of lungs is an important part of preoperative care. This includes deep breathing exercise and effective coughing. To help with deep breathing and coughing, our physiotherapist will instruct you after admission in the hospital. Meanwhile, before admission, the patient must practice deep breathing exercises.

In a sitting position, take deep breath through your nose, then blow out the air through pursed lips as much as possible. During inhalation, the rib-cage must move and chest should expand. Repeat this procedure 20 times every hour. For proper coughing, take a deep breath as much as possible, tighten your abdomen and then cough the air out with force. Just clearing the throat without proper coughing will not help.

(x) Personal Hygiene:Have bath regularly with soap and water. Wash your hairs and shave before coming to the hospital. Clean the ears. Trim your nails. Do not apply oily solution on body.

(xi) Do not bring jewellery or other expensive articles of personal use to the hospital.

(xii) The patient should keep a list of telephone numbers of persons who may be contacted, if required. These numbers should also be mentioned on the admission-sheet at the time of admission.

(xiii) Inform relatives and friends NOT to visit the hospital. They should come only after your discharge and visit you at home. They are permitted to contact you on Mobile Phone. Preferably they should not come to the hospital.