Heart Patient Guide

What you must know before Surgery?

(i) How many arteries are blocked?

(ii) How much damage is there to my heart?

(iii) How many grafts will be required?

(iv) What grafts are being planned?

(v) What is the risk to life in the operation?

(vi) What are the complications expected in my case?

(vii) Can my operation be done with a small scar and without heart lung machine?

(viii) Is there need of any additional procedure along with CABG.

(ix) How soon can I resume work and exercise?

The day before Surgery.

(i) Cardiac Care Team: On the day before surgery, you will be seen by your cardiac surgeon, anaesthesiologist and physiotherapist. The anaesthesiologist will discuss your medical condition and will prescribe drugs for your peaceful sleep and to relieve anxiety. The physiotherapist will explain you various aspect of your post operative activity, breathing exercises and coughing.

(ii) Shaving and bath :On the evening before surgery, practically whole of your body will be shaved, and you will be asked to have bath with a medicated solution.

(iii) Nil orally after midnight :After midnight on the day of surgery, do not take any-thing by mouth. This restriction includes water. Only take the medicines which nursing staff gives you.

(iv) Medicines:Bring all the medicines which you were taking at home. This helps in knowing your medication.