Ragging Reports

   Ragging Reports

UGC Regulation Of Ragging In Higher Education

Ragging is an inhuman offence and is strictly prohibited in campus. The recommendations of Raghwan committee to curb the ragging are strictly implemented.

LLRM Medical College and Associated SVBP Hospital is located about 8.5 kilometres from city on Garh Road. The main entrance is from Garh Road

Following measures are being taken to curb the ragging.

1. Every first year student will submit a character certificate from the Principal of the college from where he / she has passed the qualifying exam, with special mention about the aggressive behaviour or desire to harm others.

2. An undertaking jointly signed by the student and his / her parents that they have read the instructions / regulation against ragging as well as probable punishment if found indulging in such activities. The undertaking is to be given in English as well as mother tongue of parents (see annexure for English Version).

3. All the teachers are vigilant about the ragging & reach at least 10 minutes prior to their class. If any student is found to involve in ragging, the teacher will stop him & report the matter to Principal.

4. Even by force from senior, no fresher will follow any dress code & inform to the teacher or member of anti-ragging squad or to Principal directly.

5. All the first year students are required to say in hostel for their safety. If they stay out side the college, college administration will not be responsible for any incident, if unfortunately, happens with them. Guardians have to ensure their safety.

6. Wardens / Asstt. Wardens will take regular rounds & surprise checks to prevent the ragging in the hostel.

7. Members of anti ragging squad will also take surprise round of possible lonely places of the college where there is possibility of ragging.

8. Girls students will come to college in the morning & afternoon under care of steward of the hostel.

9. First year students will be guarded by an employee of the concerned department during change over of the classes.

10. The day scholars will assemble at a particular place for lunch & will take the lunch together. The place will be kept under constant vigil by the college employees.

11. The day scholars are accompanied by an employee of the college upto gate after the last class.

12. Hostel gates will be closed at 10 pm & no student will be allowed to leave the hostel without prior permission of Wardens / Asstt. Wardens.

13. Fresher should give the address & telephone no. of their parents and local guardian (if any).

14. Any student is free to lodge the complaint regarding the ragging in hostels with Wardens or Principal or drop complaint in complaint boxes at various places.

15. The undertaking mentioned above will be furnished every year. Besides the college authorities, freshers are also free to seek the advice of the members of mentoring cell, comprising of senior students for any problem faced by them. (see appendix for members mentoring cell).

16. Bunks from the classes will be treated as anti-disciplinary activity and suitable action will be taken. Parents are requested to kindly co-operate.

17. Smoking & liquor consumption is totally banned in college campus & hostel. Any one found guilty will be punished.

18. If any student is found to breech the discipline in college / hostels, he / she may be expelled from the hostel with an adverse entry in the character certificate for which he / she will be solely responsible.

19. If any student is found indulging in ragging, he / she will be given liberty to explain & if his explanation is not found satisfactory, the authorities will take suitable punitive action which includes (a) expulsion from the hostel, (b) stoppage of scholarship, (c) lodging of FIR, (d) expulsion from institution (as per directives of Honourable Supreme court).

The college has anti-ragging squad & disciplinary committee to look into the matter related with ragging & will submit the report to the Principal.

National Anti-Ragging Helplines:

Phone No;: 18001805522

Email Address: helpline@antiragging.in

Sl. No. Name Phone No.
1 Dr. S.K. GARG, Co-Chairman 9412837112
2 Dr. T.V.S. ARYA,Co- Chairman 9412200311
3 Dr. ABHILASHA Gupta 9411260130
4 Dr. VINAY Agarwal 9897274275
5 Dr. KIRTI DUBEY 9837294811
6 Dr. M.K. Keshari 9412208069
1 Dr. G.L. Nigam 9412529732
2 Dr. Gyeneshwar Tank 9897600445
3 Dr. Sudhir Rathi 7060056999
4 Dr. Sudhir Rathi 7060056999
5 Dr. Arun Kumar 9411093573
6 Dr. Charu Mittal 9837056207
1 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar 9458410091
2 Dr. Vishal Agarwal 9411695211
3 Dr. Yogita Singh 9311605453