Health Information

Health Information


This web page is for the patient who has a heart valve problem and who seeks treatment for the same. The web page describes in various chapters some of the fundamentals of blood circulation through the heart and the function of the valves and the effects of the disease. The web page also tells about the symptoms, tests that are used for diagnosis and after care. It tells about the surgery and postoperative care while the patient is in hospital. Finally it explains the after care when the patient is at home. For the purpose of better understanding, language has been made as simple as possible and efforts have been made to explain the facts in common language.

    1. Parts of Heart

    2. Valve Disease

             a. Causes

             b. Effects

             c. Symptoms

             d. Test

             e. Operation

                   (i) Mitral Valve Diseases

                   (ii) Arotic Valve Diseases

    3. Surgery

             a. Before Surgery

             b. Preparation

             c. Surgery Day

             d. Discharge

             e. Cost

             f. Choice of Operation

    4. Care of Patients

    5. Anticoagulants