Heart Patient Guide

Guide to Heart Patient


This page is for the patients undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG).

This page attempts to explain the cause of the disease, the risk factors, the effects of disease and possible treatment options. It tells about the surgery, preoperative preparation and postoperative care in hospital and at home. Lastly, an effort has been made to spread preventive awareness about the coronary artery disease. For better understanding, at the cost of technical perfection, language has been made as simple as possible.

    1. Working of Heart

    2. Coronary Artery Disease

                a. Causes

                b. Risk Factors

                c. Manifestation

                d. Investigations

                e. Treatment

    3. CABG

    4. Surgery

                a. Before Surgery

                b. Preparation

                c. Surgery Day

    5. Discharge Day

                a. At Discharge

                b. After Discharge

                c. Follow Up

    6. Prevention

    7. Message