Editor JAS Dr. Archana Sharma Professor (Contract) Best Paper Award at UP-ASICON (OCT 2014) & Dr. Ketu Chauhan Assistant Professor (Contract) .

The A.R.T. Centre was established in the Department of Medicine at LLRM Medical College in Meerut.

CME, Conference/Academic activity:-WORLD ANAESTHESIA DAY (16 Oct 2014), one day CME on CPR at LLRM Medical college Meerut.

The central animal house has all essentials infrastructure and information resources for the users including faculty members and research scholars.

Teaching, learning, Seminars, Tutorials, Assignments conferences programmes for MBBS students are conducted on a regular basis.

Duties of the faculty member includes Teaching Research Administration & Community Health Care.

Teaching MBBS students and guiding thesis of MD; MS students and their clinical problem related to dental and oral cavity.

EAR, NOSE (Septoplasty), Thorax and Pharynx, Larynx, Head and Neck, Maxillofacial Surgery (Maxillectomy, Mandible surgery,).

Dr. Pushpendra Singh (Professor), Dr. J.V.Kiran Kumar (Lecturer) gives Lectures to UG students as per schedule.

This department has contributed in various national and international symposiums related to the subject.

Patient care and research activities UG and PG teaching including lectures, bedside clinics, PG seminars, journal clubs etc.

Bacteriology, Mycology, Virology, Parasitology, Fluid Examination, Microscopic Examination, Serology.

Honours, Awards, Certificates, Prizes, Medals, etc received by department/individual faculty members.

Conferences/Workshops/Seminars/CME programmes organised by the department during the last 3 year.

Provides artificial limb services at nominal charges to the patient for both upper and lower limb.

Minor Vulval Biopsy, Major Abdominal and Vaginal Hysterectomy, Myomectomy.

Dr. Amit Kumar Upadhay (Associate Prof. & HOD), Dr. Vijay Kumar Jaiswal (Assistant Professor), Dr. Ritu Mittal (Lecturer Contract).

Dr. Nidhi Verma (Assistant Prof. & Head), Dr. Nisha (Assistant Prof. ), Dr. Ruchika Bhargava (Lecturer Contract), Dr. Shweta(Lec.Cont.).

Dr. Vibhu Sahani (Professor), Dr. Mahendra Kumar (Professor), Dr. S.K. Paliwal (Professor), Dr. S.K. Bhati (Professor Contract).

Dr. Monica Sharma (Assistant Professor & HOD), Dr. Pinki (Asstt. Professor), Dr. Manish Saini (Veterinary Officer), Dr. Sharli Bhatt.

Dr. Vinay Agarwal (Professor), Dr Preeti Rathi (Associate Professor), Dr Shikha Gupta (Lecturer) .

X-Ray USG IVP, RGU, MCU, Fistulogram, Sinogram, Cystogram, Barium Swallow, Barium Meal, BMFT, HSG.

Dr. Subhash Singh (Professor and Head) , Prof. Arvind Kumar Tiwari (Professior and Radiation Safety Officer).

Dr R.P. Sharma (Professor Contract) , Dr Amit Jaiswal (Assistant Professor Contract) , Dr. Suraj Bali (Lecturer).

Dr. Sudhir Rathi (Professor & HOD), Dr. CHANDRA PRAKASH (Professor), Dr. Dheeraj Raj (Assistant Professor Surgery).

Dr. Santosh Mittal (Assistant Professor).

Dr. Vibhu Sahani (Associate Professor/Nodal Officer), Dr. Faisal Ameer (Lecturer Plastic Surgery /Sub Nodal Officer).

The Central Library and Information System have played an important role on large scale in the advances of medical knowledge research & practice.