Teaching Faculty

Name Designation Contact Image
Dr. P K Maheshwari PROFESSOR (Contract) Details
Dr. Manu Sharma Lecturer (Contract) Details
Dr. Saundriya Singh Lecturer (Contract) Details
Dr. Chitrapriya Saxena Senior Resident Details
Dr. Aparna Raj Goel Junior Resident Details
Non Teaching Staff
Sh. Devi Prasad Dental Hygienist Details

2. Duties of the faculty member
Teaching MBBS students and guiding thesis of MD; MS students and their clinical problem related to dental and oral cavity.

3. Timings of the Department :-  as per hospital timings.
4. OPD/OT Schedule of the Department

    • Tuesday / Wednesday / Saturday     — Dr. P. K. Maheshwari
    • Monday / Thursday / Friday — Dr. Riyaz Ahmed
    • MINOR OT
      • Thursday — Dr. P. K. Maheshwari
      • Tuesday     — Dr. Riyaz Ahmed
    • MAJOR OT

       Wednesday — Dr. P. K. Maheshwari / Dr. Riyaz Ahmed

    5. Facilities available in the Department for:
    (a) Teaching of UGs — MBBS student clinical and oral teaching related to dental / oral surgery
    (b) Teaching of PGs —    Guiding of thesis of MD / MS student and clinical problem related to dental and oral surgery
    (c) Research
    Management of facial neuralgia patients
    Management of fracture of maxillofacial region in paediatric age group
    (d) Investigations —     —
    (e) Diagnosis & Patient's Care — Yes
    (f) Other:-

    • Examination and diagnosis of patients coming to Dental OPD
    • Minor oral surgical procedures like extraction of teeth. Removal of Epulis, drainage of abscess, splinting of teeth etc.
    • Major surgical procedures like reduction of fracture mandible & maxilla. Bone plating, surgical extraction of impacted teeth. Marsuplization and enucleation of cyst.
    • Pre-malignant and malignant oral lesion detection and their biopsy
    • Management of facial neuralgia
    • Root canal treatment for anterior teeth only
    • Restoration of carious teeth
    • Fabrication of obturator & surgical splint

    6. Type of surgeries performed — Major & Minor Oral Surgeries as Mentioned above
    7. No. of Beds in each speciality/Ward — 4 Male & 4 Female Beds in NBC Ward
    8. No. of Teaching Units  with details — (1) Dr. P. K. Maheshwari  (2) Dr. Riyaz Ahmad
    9. Paramedical courses (if any) being conducted in the department: N.A.

    Name of Course No. of seats Duration Fee Schedule Selection/Admission Criteria Facilities available for teaching/training

    10. Conferences/Workshops/Seminars/CME programmes organised by the department during the last 3 years. Please provide year-wise details for each category of activities. No conference organized

    11. Publications of the Department (not of individual faculty member)


    Title of Publication with first and co-authors

    Name of Journal


    Vol No.

    Page Nos.

    Total 13 publications of Dr. P K Maheshwari

    12. Research Projects being carried out in the department


    Title of Project & Name(s) of Investigators


    Funded/sponsored by

    Annual Budget

    13. Achievements of the Department, if any
    Dr. P K Maheshwari is working as Coordinator for BDS Examination of all the Dental Colleges attached to Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut.

    14. Honours, Awards, Certificates, Prizes, Medals, etc received by department/individual faculty members, if any (copies of awards etc should be enclosed.

         Dr. P K Maheshwari

    Certificates of Honour in Oral Surgery, Orthodontics and Periodontics, General Medicine
    Book Prize for Standing First in BDS Final Professional Examination
    Gold Medal for Standing First in BDS Final Professional Examination

    Life time achievement award by KGMC University Lucknow.

         Dr. Riyaz Ahmad

    Gem of Meerut NCR by All India Conference of Intellectuals.

    15. Any other relevant/useful information — Dr. P K Maheshwari is also working as Chief Medical Superintendent, SVBP Hospital, Meerut