Heart Patient Guide

At the time of Discharge

(i) Make sure you understand discharge medicines correctly. The best way is to write down the name and dosage of medicines as you have understood, in your language, and get confirmed by the nursing staff or the doctor. In case of confusion, purchase the medicines and get it checked. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERTAND THE DOSE OF ALL MEDICINES CORRECTLY.

(ii) Confirm about follow-up visit. Usually patient is called for follow-up visit after one week and the sutures can be removed on the same day. This saves an extra visit.

(iii) Confirm if you are required to undergo any investigation on your follow-up visit. If yes, ensure that you have proper forms for that. Confirm the timings and other requirements, like deposition of investigation charges, on the day of discharge from the respective laboratories.

(iv) Keep your discharge summary in safe manner, and bring it on each subsequent visit. It is the complete record of your preoperative condition and your operation.

(v) Meet the dietitian and get the diet chart prepared.

(vi) After discharge, if any problem arises, bring the patient to outpatient department on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in afternoon. However, if urgent attention is required, patient can directly be brought to the ward.