Heart Patient Guide

What predisposes to Coronary Artery Disease?

No definite cause is known. However, a number of risk factors are related to development and progression of coronary artery disease. Risk factors can be grouped into two categories :

      (a) Non modifiable – These factors can not be changed by a person.

      (b) Modifiable – These factors can be changed.

(a) Non-modifiable risk factors -

There are 3 main non-modifiable risk factors

      (i) Male Gender

      (ii) Old Age

      (iii) History of coronary artery disease in parents or siblings

(b) Modifiable risk factors

These factors are related to personal habits and lifestyle and can be modified. Modifiable risk factors can be grouped into Primary and Secondary risk factors.

      (i) Primary modifiable risk factors

            a. Smoking

            b. High blood pressure

            c. Increased levels of cholesterol and other fats in blood

            d. Diabetes – uncontrolled

            e. Ambitious, anxious personality

      (ii) Secondary modifiable risk factors

            a. Obesity

            b. Lack of exercise

            c. Stress

More is the number of risk factors, greater are the chances of developing coronary artery disease.