Health Information

Special Precautions of Care for Patients with Mechanical Heart Valves


(i) Make regular visits to your doctor. It is essential for proper regulation of your medicines.

(ii) Proper dental hygiene is very important. Infection from teeth may involve your valve.

(iii) Treat all minor infections vigorously. Consult the local doctor for skin infections, respiratory tract, urinary tract or similar infections.

(iv) Avoid hazardous life-style. Your wounds will bleed excessively. In case of minor cuts or abrasion, prolong pressure is required to stop the bleeding.

(v) Take medicines carefully. ‘Do not practice self medication’ Do not take drugs, especially pain killers without the advice of a doctor. In case of an ailment, inform the doctor that you are taking oral anticoagulants.

(vi) For all minor surgical procedures, you need hospitalization and switching over from oral anticoagulants to heparin. All such minor procedures should be performed under antibiotic cover.

(vii) All patients who have rheumatic heart disease, require Penicillin therapy till the age of 45 years.

Always receive penicillin injection with disposable syringe and needle. In case of allergy to penicillins, inform your doctor.

(viii) Carry an identify card with you which, in case of emergency, may inform the hospital personnel that you have undergone a valve replacement and that you are receiving oral anticoagulants.

(ix) Stop smoking. Alcohol may affect the level of anticoagulation, better avoid it.

(x) Avoid diet which is rich in Vitamin K. (spinach (palak), cabbage(Patta Gobhi), lettuce, broccoli(Green-Gobhi), cauliflower(Phool-Gobhi), tomatoes(Tamatar), carrots(Gajar), butter(Makhan), olive(Jaitun ) or corn oil and eggs(Anda)).