Details of Faculty Members

Name Designation Address Phone No. More Detail Image
Dr. K. P. Mishra Professor (Attach) Medical College..........
Dr. Rajiv Nehra Asst. Professor & HoD 209/3E, Madhavpuram Meerut, Meerut City 9897338331 Details
Dr. Sadhna Singh Asst. Professor Medical College..........
Dr. Shashank Tyagi Professor (Contract) Medical College..........
Dr. Gopal Krishnan Lecturer (Contract) Medical College..........

Duties of the faculty member : Teaching learning programmes for MBBS students are conducted on a regular basis. Regular seminars, Tutorials, Assignments and attending various conferences are added activities of the department. Modifying the curriculum to make it more clinical oriented. Using various clinical case studies to trigger interest in the concepts of biochemistry. Interactive class room culture which is student friendly.Modification of practicals to make it clinically relevant. Modification of terminal question papers to include more questions on biochemical applications in medicine. Involving faculty in providing more academic support for weaker academic students. Prompt display of practical, oral and the overall terminal marks and also providing prompt feedback on their examination performance. Providing pippettes dispensettes etc to avoid exposure of students to biohazards. The department also provides academic support for conducting courses for Allied Health Sciences (DMLT). We have faculty members dedicated to the advancement of medical knowledge. We have highly qualified and experienced faculty with expertise in Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
Courses Taught Capacity of students every year
MBBS 100

Apart from teaching activities department also conducts • Seminars, Tutorials and Assignments for the students. • Summer Training for Graduate and Post graduate Students of Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Microbiology. Timings of the Department 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM OPD/ Schedule of the Department Central Clinical Lab is running Round-the-Clock 24 Hours x 7 days Facilities available in the Department for a) Teaching of UGs : The department has all infrastructures to fulfill the requirement of M.C.I. Complete teaching facilities related to the subject of biochemistry are available.

The department has a fully equipped laboratory, sufficient enough to train the First Professional M.B.B.S students.The department has a central lecture theatre which can accommodate more than 100 students, and is equipped with audiovisual aids like L.C.D. Projector and Overhead Projector. Department has one practical room, one demonstration room which can accommodate 25 students. Department has one library, an office and one Employe’s room. The department also has computer facilities to maintain departmental record, prepare lecture slides and demonstrate audiovisual CDs. The laboratory is spacious enough to accommodate about 30 to 35 students at a time in batches for practical.

The Laboratory is equipped with all essential instruments, glassware and chemicals needed for under graduate studies. The laboratory has a five glass almirah fitted in the wall for storing the equipments and chemicals. The laboratory has been decorated with beautiful charts made by students. b) Investigations : The Central Clinical Biochemistry Lab is in existence since 21 August 1991 and was inaugurated by former Minister Dr. Dinesh Johri, Department of Medical Health and Family Welfare, Uttar Pradesh Government. Later on in 2010 Central Clinical Biochemistry lab becomes the Central Clinical Lab (running Biochemistry, Pathology and Microbiology under one roof).During the initial period the department carried out only a limited number of biochemical tests.

With the development of clinical biochemistry, it’s importance in diagnosis and prognosis became well established. Consequently the spectrum of biochemical tests was enlarged to better thediagnostic services. The department caters to the biochemical investigations of the entire hospital in-patients as well as out-patients.

The department also caters to the ART clinic patients and JSY beneficiaries without any budgetary or manpower support from ART clinic or JSY. Different types of routine biochemical tests are done in our laboratory.
Biochemistry lab is functioning in Centeral Clinical Lab at S.V.B.P. Hospital, Meerut. We are involved with processing and reporting of samples for Biochemical Investigations.
to help clinicians, for diagnosis and prognosis of the disease.

The department carries out approx sixty thousand tests per year and approx 165 tests per day.

(I) Collection of specimens : The department maintains out-patient specimen collection centers,manned by the departmental staff. Apart from OPD collection, there is a separate collection
center for in-door patient.
(II) Pre-analytical sample sorting and serum separation for all the blood samples.
(III) Analysis and reporting of routine, and urgent tests:
The analysis of sample is done on Semi automated chemistry Analyzers, Ion selection Electrolyte Analyzer & Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer (Roche: Cobas B 121), Fully Automated Analyzer (vital lab to be installed).
(IV) Ward & OPD wise sorting and making of reports of respective wards and out-patients department.
(V) Routine tests and are done at affordable rates.
List of the investigations being carried out in Central Clinical Laboratory to cater the need of Outdoor & Indoor Patients from S.V.B.P.Hospital, Meerut.

Table 1
Sr. No. Name of Investigation
1. Blood Sugar
2. Serum Urea
3. Serum Electrolytes
4. Serum Bilirubin
5. S.G.O.T.
6. S.G.P.T.
7. Serum Alkaline Phosphatase
8. Serum Creatinine
9. Serum Uric Acid
10. Serum Cholesterol
11. Serum Total Proteins, Albumin, Globulin
12. Blood Gases profile (ABG)
13. Serum Lipid Profile

Most of these tests are conducted by advanced instruments and are monitored by strict quality assurance programme.

Table 2: Number of tests performed during 2010
1. JANUARY 2432
2. FEBRUARY 3372
3. MARCH 4704
4. APRIL 4616
5. MAY 4977
6. JUNE 5746
7. JULY 5631
8. AUGUST 5708
10. OCTOBER 6509
11. NOVEMBER 4906
12. DECEMBER 4665
  Total 59432

Table 3: Number of tests performed during 2011
1. JANUARY 3986
2. FEBRUARY 4989
3. MARCH 6503
4. APRIL 7451
5. MAY 7440
6. JUNE 7244
7. JULY 7969
8. AUGUST 7753
  Total 61763
Percentage increase from last year (till Sep 2011) : 3.92%

1. To start molecular mutation study in inborn error of metabolism
2. Hormonal Assays
3. Serum protein Electrophoresis, Bence Jones proteins, Stone Analysis
4. Screening tests for porphyria, Sickle cell screening, Tumor Markers

Conferences/Workshops/Seminars/CME programmes organised by the department during the last 3 years. Please provide year-wise details for each category of activities.
1) Attended CME for postgraduates under the aegis of FOGSI-2010 organized by Deptt. of Obs& Gynae, LLRM Medical College, Meerut.
2)       Attended a 1st National Conference of SOBSICON-2011 at Muzaffarnagar Medical College,Muzaffarnagar.

Honours, Awards, Certificates, Prizes, Medals, etc received by department/individual faculty members, if any (copies of awards etc should be enclosed)
1) Life member of the “Association of Clinical Biochemist of India” since 2007.
2) Join the Editorial Board team of the “Journal of AIDS and HIV Research” in Nov 2009.
3) Presented a paper on “Hepatotoxic and renal toxic effects of Isoniazid and Rifampicin” in International conference on Advances in Free Radical Research-2009 held at C.S.M Medical University, Lucknow.

Any other relevant/useful information
1) Member in the swine flu committee since 2009.
2) Asst. Nodal officer of the Central Clinical Lab since 2010.        

2.Duties of the faculty member to take Lectures, Practical Classes, Assingments & to look after the CBL
3.Timings of the Department                   9:00AM to 4:00 PM           
4. OPD/ Schedule of the Department             CBL is running from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
5. Facilities available in the Department for:
(a) Teaching of UGs       OHP Project for and  LCD Projector
(b) Investigations    LFT, KFT, Electrolytes, Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer , B.Glucose
6. Conferences/Workshops/Seminars/CME programmes organised by the department during the last 3 years. Please provide year-wise details for each category of activities.

7. Publications of the Department


Title of Publication with names of all the authors

Name of Journal


Vol (Issue) No.

Page Nos.

8. Research Projects being carried out in the department


Title of Project & Name(s) of Investigators


Funded/sponsored by

Annual Budget



9. Achievements of the Department, if any
10. Honours, Awards, Certificates, Prizes, Medals, etc received by department/individual faculty members, if any (copies of awards etc should be enclosed.

11. Any other relevant/useful information