The Central Animal house has played an important role on large scale in the advances of medical knowledge, research & practice. Laboratory animals are the integral part of biomedical research. Production and maintenance of high quality laboratory animals is essential for the accomplishment of vanguard scientific research, with reproducibility and universality of experimental results. The quality of those animals depends largely on the available facilities for their production, lodging, feeding, sanitary standards and animals welfare in agreement with ethical principles.

The central animal house has all essentials infrastructure and information resources for the users including faculty members and research scholars. This Central Animal house started functioning after the college was established and started rendering its services to the users since 1969.

CPCSEA Registration:
Our animal house has been registered by CPCSEA (Registration number: 819/04/ac/CPCSEA).
IAEC_Standard Operating Procedures Form For Approval from IAEC

Facilities :- 

1)  Rooms available:

       (A)   Quarantine room       (B)  Wash room 

       (C) Food storage room    (D) Separate rooms for animals: Rabbits, rats, guinea pigs etc.

2) All the rooms are equipped with proper lighting and temperature control facilities.

3) Rooms are equipped with A.C. and heater (used according to the weather conditions).

4) Separate room is available for experimentation.

5) Literature for experimentation on animals, ethics for animals’ lodging, feeding and handling is available


O/I Central Animal House

Animal Keeper

Dr. Manish Saini 

Mr. Raj Kishore