Teaching Staff

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Dr. Archana Sharma PROFESSOR (CONTRACT) Details
Dr. Antima Gupta LECTURER Details
Dr. Anuj Malik LECTURER Details
Dr. Ketu Chauhan LECTURER Details
Dr. Arvind Yadav Assistant Professor(Contract) Details
Dr. Vishnu Datt Pandey Assistant Professor (Contract) Details

    Non-Teaching Staff

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Shri Shirish Chand Sinha Lab Technician
Shri Sudhir Gupta Photo Artist
Shri Ramnivas Taxidermist
Shri Jagpal Singh Lab Attendant
Shri Deepak Mortuary Peon
Shri Rajkumar Office Peon
Shri Sullad Sweeper
Shri Arvind Kumar Sweeper
Shri Navnit Kumar Sweeper

CME, Conference/Academic activity
  Fresher’s Party (2014 Batch )
Award, Achievement
  Editor JAS Dr. Archana sharma Professor (Contract) Best Paper Award at UP-ASICON (OCT 2014)
  Dr. Ketu Chauhan Assistant Professor (Contract) – paper titled - Magnetic Resonance Angiographic Investigation of Azygous alias Monkey Type Anterior Cerebral Artery – Best Incidence and Clinical Significance
1. Evaluation of Branching Pattern of Hepatic Artery. G.L. Nigam, R. Lalwani, D. Agrawal, K. Chauhan: The Internet Gastroenterology. 2012 Volume 11 Number 1. DOI: 10.5580/2a6b (International)
2. Surgical Anatomy of Sub hepatic Hepatobiliary System: Gulzari Lal Nigam, Rekha Lalwani, C S Ramsey Babu, Ketu Chauhan,– Journal of Anatomical Society of India (National) 2014,  (NATIONAL)
3. Morphometry of jugular foramen in dry Adult Skull of South India: Ketu Chauhan, Rekha Lalwani, Gulzari Lal Nigam; Argentina Anatomica De revista (International) 2011
4. Variant anatomy of cystic artery: G. L. Nigam, Ketu Chauhan - UP Chapter Journal of Anatomical Sciences (National)21(1):JUNE 2013,17-20.
5. Atlantic Posticus – Analysis of Prevalence and Clinical Co-Relation: G. L. Nigam, Ketu Chauhan - Journal Of Advance Researches In Biological Sciences .2013.VOL.5 (4)238-242.
6. Topographic Anatomy and Morphology of Nutrient Foramen of the Clavicle -An Osteological Study. Arvind Yadav1, G L Nigam2, Ketu Chauhan3, Archana Sharma4, Anjoo Yadav5. UP Chapter Journal of Anatomical Sciences (National) 21(2): DEC.2013,27-30.
7. Morphological and Morphometrical Analysis of the Vermin Fossa in Dry Adult Skulls of Western Uttar Pradesh Population: An Osteological Study. Arvind Yadav, Ketu Chauhan, GL Nigam, Archana Sharma, Anjoo Yadav.International Journal of Anatomy and Research 2014; 2(3):478-80.
8. Neurovascular foramina of the human clavicle and their clinical significance. B. V. Murlimanju, Latha V. Prabhu, Mangala M. Pai, Arvind yadav, K.V.N.Dhananjaya, K.U.Prashanth.Surg.Radiol Anat (2011) 33:679-682
9. The superficial ulnar artery with absent superficial palmar arch- a case report Arun K sharma1, Muktyaz Hussein1, Dhiraj Saxena2, Rekha Parashar2, Arvind Yadav3 . National journal of medical and allied sciences 2013;1(2):60-63
10. Axillopalmar artery- an anamolous existence of an artery replacing superficial palmar arch with regression of ulnar artery- a case report. Sharmada K L, Arvind Yadav, Sujana M., Soumya S. Int J Cur Res Rev, July 2013/ Vol 05 (13) Page 95
11. Clinical Significance in North Indian Population. Dr. Muktyaz Hussein1, Dr. Vibhu Deep2, Dr. Prerna Gupta3, Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma, Dr. Arvind KumarYadav5. Sch. J. App. Med. Sci., 2014; 2(1D):407-410.
12. Variable Origin of Testicular Artery from Renal Artery and Its
13. Cervical Rib – Its Prevelance In Indian Population Around Lucknow (Up) : Antima Gupta, D P Gupta Journal Of Anatomical Society Of India (National) 2012 61, 189-191.
14. Anatomical perspective of eagles syndrome :review and case report : N.Pasricha, A. Nagar, A Gupta. Asian jouranal of oral health and allied sciences2(1), 35-39,2012
15. Histological changes in placenta in pregnancies complicated by ecclampsia and preeclampsia and correlation with foetal outcome:Navbeer Pasricha,, Alka Nagar, Antima Gupta, International journal of pharma and biosciences 3 (2), 551-556,2012
16. Concomitant variations of brachial plexus and third part of axillary artery on middle aged female cadaver: an original case report Jaba Rajguru, Antima Gupta, shilpi Jain, International journal of anatomic variation 7,10 -13,2014
17. Computed tomographic morphology of Scaphoid. UP Chapter Journal of Anatomical Sciences, Vol-22(1) June 2014